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Freese, A., Thilly, W.G. (eds). (1988): Biotechnology Processing: Human Serum Albumin Production, Applied Biology Reviews Series, vol. 1, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

also co-authored the following chapters in the above book:

Chapter 2: ‘Human Serum Albumin: Properties and Applications’:  Freese, A., McCafferty, F., Schaecter, J.,Van Amsterdam, J., de Moreas, C.A.,  Connors, N.C., Wu, D.Y., Kim, S.K., Chang, M., Weist, J.; Chapter 6: ‘Mammalian Cell Technology’: Wu, D.Y., Kim, S.K., Chang, M., Weist, J., Freese, A.; Chapter 7: ‘The Development of a Transgenic Chicken’: Donahue, B., Reynolds, C., Freese, A.

Sabel, B.S., Freese, A., During, M.J. (1990): Controlled-Release Dopamine Polymers as a Novel Approach to the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.  Parkinson’s Disease, Advances in Neurology, (Streifler, M.B. et. al., eds), Raven Press, pp. 521-526.

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Freese, A., Ohlfest, J.W., Pluhar, E. (eds., 2007): Animal Models of Neurological Diseases (a 20 chapter book), in preparation.

Freese, A., (eds., 2007): From Molecule to Man: The Biological Basis of Spine Surgery (a 24 chapter book), in preparation.

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